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Digital Interior Guide


A digital guide for interiors

You won't have to worry anymore that you don't understand titles in foreign language, getting only half experience of your visit to a museum. Our guide knows to speak several world languages, contains photos, sythesizes voice, plays videos and displays interiors in 3D visualization instead of maps. Suitable for use in museums, galleries, unique expositions, and other places.

What will you experience:

  • Forget about visiting museums and not understanding titles in local language.
  • Watch a documentary movie shot in locations where the exhibited archeological artefacts had been found.
  • Read through related historical facts and understand the relationship between particular artefacts and historical events.
  • A museum or a gallery will thus become a more enjoyable experience instead of a long series of unrelated artefacts.

Funkce softwarové PDA aplikace:

  • 3D pseudo-map of an interior
  • Categorized database of points of interest
  • Categorized database of historical facts and events
  • Categorized database of saved routes
  • Connecting databases by related data for a better orientation within the chosen topic
  • Detailing a point of interest
  • (…)