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Digital Guide


A modern guide loaded with information and GPS navigation

Our product has not an ambition to replace paper guides, but is rather aimed at enriching them with a set of interactive functions that will make a visit of an unknown place an extraordinary experience.Yet, it contains hundreds of pages of professional text, thousands photographs, audio and video footage, map and GPS navigation.

Cities available:

1. Prague - Czech Republic
- version for download will be available in December, 2009
- more infomation on www.digital-guide.cz

2. Olomouc - Czech Republic
- in cooperation with Palacky University Olomouc (www.geoinformatics.upol.cz)
- first version will be available in May, 2010

We are looking for partners for any other attractive touristic area! If you are interested, please visit our partnership section.

What will you experience:

  • You will never get lost in an unknown city anymore.
  • You will know the history of any important building at the moment you come to it.
  • You will get to know hundreds of famous personas right at the places where they had lived and worked.
  • You will walk the most beautiful routes in full sunshine with the audio guide responding to your current position.
  • You will easily decide in the evening where to go for dinner, what cinema or club to visit.
  • You will be leaving enriched by an extraordinary experience that only you will have inspired.

PDA application functions:

  • City map
  • GPS navigation
  • Searching address points on the map
  • Categorized and professionally compiled database of points of interest
  • Categorized database of historical facts and events
  • Categorized database of saved routes
  • Voice synthesizer for practical use in the streets, in sunshine, etc.
  • Connecting databases by related data for a better orientation within the chosen topic
  • Detailnig of a point of interest
  • Rating of a point of interest
  • Calculating the shortest route from current position to final destination
  • (…)