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GameBook Extension


If you are part of a story, you will get a lasting experience.

For active and game-loving visitors, we have extended the Digital Guide by a version that will guide the user through historical periods of a city and its culture, using a playable form of so-called gamebook. This form is designed as a more interactive route where you'll have to explore any location in more detail and resolve several simple quizes, helping you to uncover the events that have formed the local culture.


What do you get in addition:

  • You will know the local culture as viewed by several famous figures.
  • You will be involved in a story by deciding the tasks in a similar way that those historical figures had to overcome the obstacles in their lives.
  • You will get to places where even the locals do not wander, and yet you will not get lost thanks to the GPS satellites.
  • You will experience some historic stories right at the places where they had taken place, virtually becoming part of them.

Extension of PDA application:

  • Saved games telling about:
    - history and local culture
    - famous legends of a city or location
    - living experiences of notable historical figures
  • Modification for game version
  • Interface for task solving
  • Bonus tasks
  • GPS positioning in the storyline