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Digital Adventure Game


A version for incentive city experience

This is an incentive program – an orienteering through hictoric city center or a "treasure hunt", using our own gaming software platform and GPS. The games are arranged by our expert dramaturgy, so the themes are strong, interesting, entertaining and well-organized. The product is designed especially for, but not limited to corporate clientele.

Game themes:

We are able to create custom-made thematic games, or it's possible to play the games created by our partners, which are modified for our gaming GPS navigator.

The Digital Urban Legends Company also operates its own MAFIA theme, being its exclusive authorship. For more information, see WWW.DIGITAL-GAME.CZ.

Game variations:

The stories may be based on historical facts as well as science-fiction, inspired by legends, novels, rumors or films shot in a city or a location. A game is arranged in a way so that its particular features correspond closely with the story.

  • ENTERTAINING – short version, several hours
    Various levels of game difficulty, ranging from purely entertaining to knowledge-based. These are events with a simple story taking couple of hours.

  • COMPLEX ENTERTAINING - long version, taking all day
    An intricate uncovering of a complex story with a strong and dramatic unravelment.

  • CUSTOM-MADE – both short and long version
    We will set up a custom game concept for you, so that it matches exactly with you business. Would not your employees like to uncover sabotage acts of your competitors?

What will you experience:

  • You will explore the secrets of legends and deeds of famous figures as well as places and stories known from familiar movies right on the shooting location.

  • You will untwist riddles and puzzles, compete with your rivals and find partners in your team.

  • The city will absorb you in a way that you won't be sure anymore who is part of a game and who is not, you will see an agent in everyone.

  • You will experience quite unexpected situations, in which you will know your true friend.

Extension of PDA application:

  • Interface for task-solving

  • Variations for non-player-characters who influence the course of a game directly in the field, monitoring positions of teams as well as their progress

  • GPRS/EDGE function for instant messaging

  • Sorting players into teams while in the field

  • Specific quests do not follow only the linearility of a game, but also result from current actions and managing the game from a central point