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Product Types



A) Product type:

(sorting in two basic concepts, especially according to software application itself)

  • Guide type
  • Game type

B) Product variation:

(sorting by the way of using an application)

  • Digital Guide
    (uses GPS, designed for outdoor use)
  • Digital Interior Guide
    (uses RFID chips or numerical navigation, designed for indoor use)
  • Digital Adventure Guide
    (uses GPS and gaming environment,
    designed for outdoor use)

C) Theme variations of the product:

(a city has a different environment than a temple complex, therefore this sorting already concerns specific data content that often differs also in a way of distribution, etc.)

For Digital Guide variation:

  • GPS city guide (Prague, Venice, Bangkok, Barcelona, etc.)
  • GPS national park guide (Serengeti national park, etc.)
  • GPS guide through large monuments (archeological park Angkor, Kambodia; Machu Picchu, Peru, etc.)

For Digital Interior Guide variation:

  • ZOO park
  • Museum
  • Safari
  • National parks

For Digital Adventure Game variation:

  • Amazonian adventure
  • Exploring the Khmer culture of Angkor