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Digital Adventure Game


Are you looking for the best form of participation?

Certification of this product is very different from the other ones. The key ability or know-how of a partner company is less the quality of the database structure, but rather its capacity to invent entertaining and catchy game ideas.  


Are you a suitable company?

  • The most preferable partner is a professional team-building agency experienced in conducting people in gaming systems, ranging from couple of hours to several days.
  • You should know the local specifics, history and legends, and reflect them strongly in the concepts of gaming systems.
  • It is desirable to have your own team of professional actors for NPC roles.
  • At the beginning, we will launch the well-proven product MAFIA for you.

SW equipment - CMS application / database administration:

  • Full-scale administration of game logics
  • Integrated map for localizing using GPS
  • Generating an orientation document for actors and all other participants
  • Special features such as time limits, photo, audio
  • And many more functions

A higher level of the gaming system:

  • Game tracking function - real-time monitoring and influencing the course of the game
  • Option of real-time monitoring movement of the teams in the field
  • Internal mail, so-called internal SMS
  • And more...

Variations of certification:

  1. Variation of launching the MAFIA game
    • We will provide you with the software
    • We will demonstrate the game details to you, or we will let you play as a self-dependent team along with our client
    • We will modify the game for your locality, preferably a city center
    • We will come to your locality to test the game and train you employees and actors
    • We will certify this game for you
  2. Variation of modifying your game (complex)
    • We will provide you with the software
    • We will modify your theme for use with our GPS navigator, so we benefit from all its features available
    • We will train your employees and actors
  3. Variation of modifying your game (light)
    • We will provide you with the software
    • We will train your employees and actors

Any of the mentioned variation is followed by certifying the game itself. Its purpose is to grant the game with a certificate, guaranteeing the quality of product run by your company.