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Concept of the Project


Project concept in bullet points:

  • Portable digital guide for tourists as well as city inhabitants with a set of useful services: database of points of interest, historical data, routes, photographs, audio, video, gamebook...
  • Portable digital guide fitted for interiors of major monuments with an interactive interface and multimedia database
  • Gaming form for incentive tourism in various kinds of orientation games and a large scope of themes
  • All mentioned above using a technological solution of the universal mapping GPS navigation for a portable device

Key project features for end users:

  • We provide information on cultural heritage compiled in a quality and professional way
  • The content includes not only text, but also pictures, video, audio and voice synthesizer (?) of high quality
  • We create a software tool that anyone is able to use
  • The system is totally open for various forms of use

Key project features for partners

  • We are developing and going to develop a technical solution provided to our partners for free
  • We are experienced in operating the product
  • We are looking for other partners who will operate the project products in their locations
  • It’s up to our partners to secure their own local distribution network and data content of their own or created in cooperation with our experts
  • We provide a global marketing and distribution support
  • We are open to any new ideas and forms of use

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